Gammon, Bacon or Ham… What’s the difference?

Brilliant Bacon

Back, streaky and middle bacon rashers come from either the back or belly of the pig.  The curing process uses a salt preparation to remove water from the meat; either in the form of a dry cure rubbed over the meat or a wet cure in which the meat is immersed or injected.  Wet cure tends to add weight to the meat and therefore when cooked a curd type white liquid will be released into your pan.  Dry cure removes water from the meat and will give a superior cooked bacon without the white scum.   After curing, bacon may be smoked to give another subtle level of flavour.
Streaky, back or middle are the most popular rashers, but bacon can also be produced from collar.

mangalitza back bacon

Mangalitza back bacon

Glorious Gammon

This is cured pork from the hind legs of the pig.  The curing process is the same as that used for bacon, a highly skilled method of preserving meat using salt (either in a brine solution or dry cured using a salt based rub).  Dry curing tends to prduce more subtle flavour and an improved meat texture.  After curing, gammon may also be smoked to give a more intense flavour.
Gammon is available from your butcher as a bone-in or boneless joint and also as gammon steaks.

Hero Ham

Ham is quite simply another term for the slices from a cooked gammon – sometimes known as Gammon ham.
Ham is often flavoured during the cooking process with specialist coatings: honey, mustard or a brown sugar glaze.  It is possible to buy a raw ham joint to cook at home but most people prefer to buy ham that is pre-cooked, sliced and ready to eat.
Whilst ham is traditionally served in sandwiches and salads it’s great combined with pasta, or added to omelettes. pies and quiches, savoury scones and muffins.

The Cuts – Rashers, Joints or Steaks… what’s the difference?

Collar Joint

This cut makes an excellent joint which can be boiled or braised.  The collar joint may also be sliced into rashers.  As a joint it needs to be well soaked before cooking.

Back Bacon Rashers

Made from the loin or back of the pig, can be dry cured or brine cured.  This cut is usually sold as rashers or thick bacon chops.  It is lean and cut thinly as rashers.  Bacon chops can be fried, grilled or baked.  Alternatively a thick piece can also be used for boiling, braising or roasting.

Middle Bacon Rashers

An economical buy, middle rashers are a breakfast time favourite for many and are essentially both the back bacon rashers and streaky bacon rashers in one piece.  Usually rolled.

middle bacon on slicer

middle bacon on slicer

Forehock or Gammon Hock

Hocks provide really tasty meat for casseroles, soups, pies, terrines and mincing.

Streaky Bacon Rashers

Streaky bacon is cured pork belly.  A firm favourite with some, streaky bacon rashers offer a balance of tasty lean with fat and are best when grilled.  A joint of streaky bacon is good boiled and pressed, to eat cold.  Streaky bacon gives especially good value for money.

streaky bacon on slicer

streaky bacon on slicer

Middle Gammon

A lean, meaty cut for boiling, braising, roasting or baking.  This is a prime joint and a convenient size for many uses.  Gammon steaks are usually cut from this joint.  They are excellent grilled or fried.

For more information see

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Masons Gin & Orange Ice Cream? Yummy Yorkshire!

Yummy Yorkshire swirls into partnership with Masons Gin

masons yorkshire gin and orange ice cream yummy yorkshire

Artisan ice cream producer Yummy Yorkshire has joined forces with renowned Yorkshire gin producer Masons to create a new ice cream flavour combination, Gin & Orange Ripple.

After tasting Masons Gin, which is traditionally served with a slice of orange, Jeremy Holmes, founder of Yummy Yorkshire, approached the craft gin distiller to create a limited edition ice cream which combines the brand heritage of Masons with Yummy Yorkshire’s reputation for producing outstanding ice cream.

The ice cream is made by combining the perfectly balanced gin with a pure, unadulterated natural ice cream base, allowing the subtle gin flavours to shine through, the base is then swirled with a luxurious orange marmalade, interspersed with fresh orange zest to create the perfect refresher for summer dinner parties and grown-up picnics.

Using fresh milk from the farm’s 150 Friesian Holstein herd, Yummy Yorkshire produces luxurious, creamy and smooth ice cream that combines modern and contemporary flavours with traditional values and fresh local ingredients such as strawberries and liquorice.

Yummy Yorkshire is located on the outskirts of Huddersfield, off the A629 between Ingbirchworth and High Flatts. Visit for further information.

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Wimbledon – Fortnum & Mason & Scotch Eggs

I love a good Scotch Egg but they are not as Scottish as you think! allegedly invented by Fortnum’s as picnic food, ideal for sustenance on early train journeys!  I therefore loved this PR stunt put on by Fortnum & Mason early this morning in SW19 the Wimbledon Tennis queue…

Fortnum & Mason Scotch Eggs Wimbledon Queue

“Early risers joining the queue for Wimbledon tickets got an unexpected surprise this morning when a team of suave Fortnum & Mason red tails descended on SW19 to hand out some much needed sustenance. Dressed to the nines, the dashing fleet treated tennis goers to gourmet Scotch Eggs – rumoured to have been invented by Fortnum’s in 1738.”

Fortnum & Mason Scotch Eggs Wimbledon Queue

Fortnum & Mason Scotch Eggs Wimbledon Queue

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Hesper Farm Icelandic Style Skyr Yogurt

hesper farm skyr

Skyr is Iceland’s traditional dairy product – a bit like a yogurt but thicker, super-nutritious and naturally 0% fat.

Each delicious pot contains about three times as much protein as typical yogurt and is  naturally rich in calcium. With low sugar and only the best simple ingredients we can find, our skyr is virtuous as well as velvety.

We travelled to Iceland to learn how to make it. Back home at Hesper Farm, we make skyr in our purpose-built dairy, with milk from our own award-winning pedigree Holstein Friesians. Set off the beaten track, in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, our cows enjoy a good life, outdoors in tune with the seasons.

We care about quality and are passionate about our product. We’re proud to be going our own way, being the first British farm to bring you skyr.

Hesper Farm Skyr is available in Original, Vanilla, Blueberry & Strawberry.

Available from Town End Farm Shop in 150g portion pots & 450g serving pots.

Hesper Farm, Bell Busk, Skipton, North Yorkshire, BD23 4DU

hesper farm skyr pots

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Grassington Food Festival

A few shots from Grassington Food Festival 2015…

grassington festival stephanie moon grassington food festival 2015

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Masons Yorkshire Gins & Yorkshire Vodka

Masons Yorkshire Gin announces release of three new products in celebration of turning two.

Masons Yorkshire Gin
Soon to be in a bar near you, up and coming Masons gin announces the release of three new uniquely Yorkshire drinks in celebration of its second birthday. To be launched on World Gin day, (13th June) these include Masons with a hearty Yorkshire tea infusion, a delicate Yorkshire Lavender flavour, and an entirely new beverage all together – Masons Yorkshire Vodka.
Creator Karl says: ‘These drinks have been a work in progress for some time now, and we are extremely excited to finally share them. We really think they are something special that people won’t have had before’.
These drinks will be available for purchase from the 13th June, and alongside the traditional flavour, will be sold at various bars, restaurants, stores and food and drink fairs across the country.

Available from Town End Farm Shop, Airton

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Gregg Wallace backs ‘Leeds Food Month’


-TV presenter sampled the city’s culinary delights as Leeds launches first ‘Food Month’-

Gregg Wallace shares a pint with Northern Monk Brewery founder Russell B...

A month-long celebration of food and drink in Leeds starts today and has been given the seal of approval by one of the UK’s most famous foodie faces – the BBC’s Gregg Wallace.

The ‘Masterchef’ host visited the city to launch the inaugural Leeds Food Month and record a special film about some of the city’s best-loved food and drink destinations.

During his visit Gregg met brewers, bakers and chefs to learn more about the dynamic and delicious Leeds food and drink scene and to find out what visitors can expect during the four-week programme of food heaven.

Rola Wala and Northern Bloc in Trinity Kitchen, authentic Thai restaurant Sukhothai and independent start-ups Leeds Bread Cooperative and Northern Monk Brewery were all paid a visit by Gregg and the exuberant food-lover was delighted with what he saw.

Gregg said: “I’d heard great things about the food and drink scene in Leeds and couldn’t wait to get stuck in and try it out for myself.  I’m really impressed with everything I’ve tried in the city – but even more so with the passion of the people I’ve met.  Leeds Food Month should be a very special few weeks and from what I’ve experienced – and tasted – I’m sure that it’ll be a fantastic celebration of the food of Yorkshire.”

Behind the scenes with Gregg Wallace and Northern Monk Brewery's Russell...

Leeds Food Month kicks off with the Leeds Indie Food Festival taking place from May 7- May 24, 2015 leading into the Leeds Food and Drink Festival starting on May 22, 2015. The month then culminates in the three-day Yorkshire Food and Drink Show in Millennium Square featuring more than 100 exhibitors including some of the region’s best restaurants and producers from June 5-7, 2015.

Leeds Food Month kicks off with the Leeds Indie Food Festival taking place from May 7- May 24, 2015 leading into the Leeds Food and Drink Festival starting on May 22, 2015. The month then culminates in the three-day Yorkshire Food and Drink Show in Millennium Square featuring more than 100 exhibitors including some of the region’s best restaurants and producers from June 5-7, 2015.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Leeds Food and Drink Festival, and the fourth in association with Asda. The festival which takes place over two-weeks has something for food lovers of all ages to enjoy, including special menus, offers and events that will take visitors on a culinary tour of the city.

Thousands from across the country are expected to flock to the city to discover a whole host of gastronomic treats from gourmet dishes to brilliant burgers and everything in between. Beer experts and cocktail connoisseurs are sure to find plenty to savour too, thanks to the Leeds’ exciting and ever-growing bar scene.

Visitors can explore mouth-watering markets and enjoy special offers from some of the city’s most popular eateries and bars.  Events also include a Thai cookery class with Chaopraya, a culinary tour of Italy with Ipsum Vinoteca, and Leeds’ first pop-up wine festival Grapeful where guests can sample up to 100 wines from around the world in the stunning surroundings of Leeds Town Hall

The Leeds Food and Drink Festival will culminate in the renowned Yorkshire Food and Drink Show, taking place in Millennium Square from June 5-7, 2015.  This spectacular event is free to attend and brings together some of the most famous names from the Leeds food scene with over 20 chefs taking part.  Unique market stalls sit alongside a live demo kitchen where chefs prepare delicious fresh food for guests.

For more information on Leeds Food Month visit to download the festival ‘menu’, or for regular updates follow @LeedsFoodFest on Twitter.

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Cooking Tips for Jersey Royals with Chef Steve Smith

Jersey Royals season has just begun, and here is our friend Michelin Star Chef Steve Smith showing how to best cook the delicious potatoes.  Steve Smith was Head Chef at The Devonshire, Bolton Abbey and is now at the Bohemia Restaurant in Jersey.

  • Crushed Jersey Royals, Olive Oil, Chopped Chives, Capers, Chopped Green Olives.
  • Boiled Jersey Royals in Herb Butter Emulsion, Chopped Shallots, Chopped Chives.

Known as the ‘Champagne’ of the potato world, they are only available until July, and have a distinct nutty flavour which is due to being grown in a mild climate, as Jersey is one of the sunniest places in the UK!

Steve has created a truly outstanding dining experience as Head Chef of Michelin star Bohemia restaurant in Jersey, with his ingredient and flavour driven tasting menus. Bohemia Restaurant boasts a stellar reputation for its first rate cuisine, and is firmly on the gastronomic map as a food-lover’s destination. Steve Smith was one of the youngest chefs in the country to achieve a Michelin star over 10 years ago, at the age of just 24.

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British Street Food Festival 2015

The British Street Food Awards 2015

The finest traders in Britain (and beyond) have been cooking up a storm to win the British Street Food Awards since 2010, but this year they’re being joined by live music curated by Universal Music, street food crazy golf, live reviews of the food pages from some of the best journalists in the country and the world’s first aroma DJ – at the British Street Food Festival.

The Festival will be setting up shop in some of the country’s most perfect ‘found’ places – and whether it’s parked up outside a Norman castle in Oxford, under a circus tent in Cardiff, by a barge of fireworks on the docks in Leeds or at a mystery location on the Cornish coast, they will all be spectacular parties, with food and live music at their heart.

This year’s dates and locations:

Heat 1: Central & East, Oxford 1-4 May
Heat 2: Wales & The West, Cardiff 5-7 June
Heat 3: Scotland & The North, Leeds 12-14 June
Heat 4: South, Cornwall 28-31 August
Final: London 25-27 September

Each location will be fed by the best street food traders from Britain and beyond, competing for the British Street Food Awards. The public will be able to buy sharing plates from each of them, and then vote for their favourites on the British Street Food app. Winners of the vote – plus a few wild cards – will then go through to compete for a life-changing prize at the finals in London in September.

British Street Food founder Richard Johnson says, “Everything about this year is a big step up. The music will fold around everything that we’re trying to do. There are new holes on the street food crazy golf, and the entertainment – from a secret beer/food  matching experience from Sharp’s to our highend food quiz – will blow your mind.”

Full information is available at:

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Talented game cooks sought for this year’s CLA Game Chef of the Year competition in association with The Field

game chef of the year

The CLA Game Fair and The Field magazine has once again launched its search for game cooks to enter its hugely popular Game Chef of the Year competition. This year’s competition is divided into two categories: amateur cooks, and professional chefs.

The semi-finals and final will be held at the 2015 event at Harewood House in Yorkshire, which is being held from Friday 31 July until Sunday 2 August. The competition is designed to find two unrecognised chefs who relish cooking with game meats and embrace the Great British Countryside through their food.

Four finalists will be chosen from entries to cook in front of a live audience in the CLA Game Fair Cookery Theatre. The competition will be judged by the editor of The Field Jonathan Young and Mike Robinson, the UK’s leading game chef and owner of the Pot Kiln in Berkshire and the Michelin-starred Harwood Arms in London.

The competition is open to chefs aged 18 years or over who are not affiliated with more than one eating establishment and are ‘unrecognised’ by the judging panel. Entrants must send in a photo, a short amateur film (no more than 2 mins) of themselves cooking, a credentials summary and a unique recipe.

Tony Wall, Director of the CLA Game Fair, commented: “We are delighted welcome back this initiative. Last year’s winner, Norfolk-based Guy Paterson, will be a hard act to follow – his pigeon breast dish is still being spoken about!”

Editor of The Field, Jonathan Young, added: “Game has never been so popular. It’s easy to cook well, extremely good value and low in cholesterol. And since we’re lucky enough in Britain to have an abundance we want as many people as possible to make it part of their normal diet.”

To enter, email your video by Friday 27 March to For more details of how to enter visit

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